This is Növö, a project of Lauren Boudic, also known by his Genetik System alias.

True child of the '80s and the Belgian tradition of electronics, he treats us a mix of electro embedded in EBM aesthetics, industrial vocal samples, electrofunk plus a dirty cover of 'Nagasaki (Mon Amour)' by Polyphonic Size, Belgian rather poppy minimal synth band (in their site you can find the original). Out on Antony Rother's Psi49net (with whom I gather from his site he split up violently).

Industrial aesthetics and political speech, multi-cultural harsh signals from the underground, 'Konztruktivizm' is a difficult album for a dance label, even for Psi49net. Mostly dancefloor oriented, sometimes just electro-industrial noise, it's compact, it has vision and a point of view. Not for everyone.

Növö - 2003, Konztruktivizm
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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