German Broadcasters is a project by L.A.Williams, one of my favorite house music producers.
Actually, 'house' may sound a bit weak as a characterization when you listen to his work, as he was always influenced by the harder, acidic side of Chicago music and Detroit. On top of it, this project draws elements from the european EBM-influenced scene (hence the name) and results in a repetitive Heckmann-like track that first came out in Munich's Disko B 2002 'HeavyHitters' compilation of Chisel tracks (from where I've got it) and slipped into the same year's Hell's mix CD. L.A.Williams also worked a lot with some oldschollers of the Berlin scene like the adorable Paige Ilise or Mueller records and did some remixes.

German Broadcasters - S-Channel (Radio Broadcast mix)

The rest of the 'HeavyHitters' album is crazy jack house with techno and filter elements. Anyone interested, just give me a note.


Electric Guest said...

this is a hint.
i am interested in the heavy hitters compilation.

great blog, btw

Nightlight said...

You got it. Give me a couple of days.

Nightlight said...

Done, mate

Electric Guest said...

no need to hurry. thank you very much!