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Carl A. Finlow is also known as Random Factor, Silicon Scally and Voice Stealer. His collaborations with others have been mostly with Ralph Lawson, owner of 20:20Vision label, and/or Daz Quayle (of IL.EK.TRO fame).

His music is like a sweet kind of electro funk; sometimes retro, sometimes housey (obviously his other great love is Chicago). Sometimes he just goes for the dancefloor, sometimes for the headphones, sometimes bordering on cheesy '80s pop but never reaching there. My soft spot is some tracks and remixes he's done for Playhouse, like 'Broken Mirror' or the reprise on Blaze's 'Lovelee Dae' (oh gods...).
The one thing you could say about him for sure is that he's tireless. Lots and lots of tracks and remixes come from him under other names and they never fail the standards he has set really high. I hope he keeps it up like this.

This is one of his lesser known projects, a trilogy of 12"s out on Device (it's been some years since its last release, I think) with three extra tracks as a CD bonus. Pure electro forms mostly for listening, blended with some '80s pop elements and a touch of '90s electronica. Solid and good for personal moments.

Carl A. Finlow - 2003 Electrilogy +
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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