A typical Rother release, the 'Hacker' album went out on Psi49Net. Even more brooding, mechanical and fat than previous records, signifies more or less the peak of his dark electrofunk mannerisms. 'Die Macht' was like a hit, almost, and in a strange way paved the way for the first moves of Datapunk or his later releases in Cocoon.
I think Rother pays a small homage to Clock DVA here, using the obvious track name as a title. And maybe I'm seeing too much there, but another thing he borrowed is the idea of a concept through every track in the album (a thing he did from day one in 'Sex With The Machines'), something which Clock DVA were not the first to do but surely did it good.

Antony Rother - 2002, Hacker
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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