Sex With The Machines

The beginning of it all. The first album that brought the message of Anthony Rother to the world as he really meant it. Cold funk mixed with brooding melancholy and apocalyptic robotic slogans, in a time where eurotrance and disco house ruled. Only ones I can remember since then are UR and the Clone/Bunker guys. Short but effective. Released on the great Kanzleramt, still active, still banging. Respect.

Anthony Rother - 1997, Sex With The Machines
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Paxjorge said...

Hi, great site! You mention the Bunker guys. Are these the people who did "Unit Moebius - Bunker & Life Moods (1996)"? Have you got more of them, as it's superbly difficult to track down -- and one of my all time favourite albums. My girlfriend gets all worked up about it though :-)