Isolation Raum

A double feature of Thomas P.Heckmann.

His second album as Age, on Force Inc. 'Isolation' combines full-on techno bangers and acid chasers with Detroit techfunk elegies, making it difficult for everyone to resist at least nodding head or tapping foot. For me it's clearly an album with open space ravers in mind (as most of Heckmann's are, actually). Loopy, repetitive, fat and strong, yet with banging and mellowing moods alternating and sounds breathing, it's ideal for 5 o'clock madness or sunrise euphoria.

Age - 1998, Isolation
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

Using his own name, one year later he releases 'Raum' on Mille Plateaux. As expected, it's a more abstract ambientish release, atypical of Heckmann at the time, yet strangely fitting with his darker, more EBMish repertoire that got published later through his own Wavescape.

Thomas P. Heckmann - 1999, Raum
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