Everything Is Green

I was going for another double feature, on Toytronic label this time. But since the magnificent Autres Grooves blog has already posted the 'Neurokinetic' compilation, I'll go for just this one.

Toytronic is an English IDM label owned by Chris Cunningham, with some well known names in their roster (Digitonal, Multiplex, Gimmik) and some VERY well known ones in their compilations (Arovane, Funckarma/Quench, Fizzarum, etc.). Still even with the not-so-well-known artists, the level of quality never drops. The Toytronic sound is a melodic electro version of the typical IDM sound, with some 8-bit and retro elements stressed. Meaning that more emphasis is given in melodies' complexity and rhythmic interplays than in experimenting with the limits of your sampler and ears. And breakbeats are more or less understandable, instead of distorted rolling snares or hardcore grinders. (Sorry to put like this but, for example, although I really respect Autechre I totally lost them after their LP5 phase and lots of the IDM scene went that way also.) Anyway, the Toytronic stuff is pure electronic music for listening, smart, deep, interesting and enjoyable.
'Neurokinetic' and 'Everything Is Green' were sold at a low price, if I remember correctly. Toytronic vinyls are of good quality, heavy and sometimes colored, if you find any of them grab it. Sadly, it's been some time since they put out something.

VA - 2004, Everything Is Green (Toytronic compilation)
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

P.S. After i finished this post I found out that someone named ismagic through the IDMtrade blog's C-box gave this folder address where you can find all Toytronic releases. Thanx and Hmm...


grey calx said...

Thanks for your comments at my blog and also thanks for Everything is Green. I enjoyed listening to this compilation. It is an excellent companion to Neurokinetic.
Since you mentioned that you have a lot of stuff from Caipirinha, do you have the Deutscher Funk compilations? I'm also interested in the Process compilation, Couture Cosmetique by Terre Thaemlitz, 2 by UMO, Posologia by Cineplexx among others. Do you also have Synthetic Pleasures Volume One? With help from Discogs, I remembered that it was released on Moonshine not Caipirinha.

Nightlight said...

Having moved recently, most of my CDs are in another place and I cannot rip vinyl (yet...). Having this in mind:
I have the Process comp and one UMO album for sure. Synthetic Pleasures 1 I'm sure I have them on vinyl but for CD I'll have to check. Deutcher Funk 1 and Couture I'm sure to have in MP3 form. Just give me some time to sort everything out and soon I'll do a big post, ok? Last of your posts were great.

personguy said...

7 years later ... any chance you have this still/again/yet?

came here searching for synthetic pleasures soundtrack (both volumes of which i used to own but left behind when i moved house).

label owned by chris cunningham, however ... i'd love to hear.

many thanks.
good blood here.