Happy new year everyone! Blessed be.

It's been some time since my last post... I've been out for some time, things happen, you know. For your back-to-work or -school coming down, this is a triple pack by Kron, an artist better known as Reinhard Voigt, brother of Wolfgang and another key figure in the development of the Cologne sound. I noticed they don't circulate much, so there.
Not much more to say, these are the two albums and a remix CD single. As usually, he manages to create full ambience out of a few repeated loops, maximizing the effect by sending everything into a shimmering abyss of reverb, still the feeling is rarely obviously dark (check his releases as Sturm for the more deepspace/darkforest sound). The interesting thing in the Kron records is that he often escapes the deep techno minimalism or the wall-of-sound ambiences that later defined the Pop Ambient idiom. He's exploring downtempo electronic breaks territory with an almost jazzy approach, a reference to the old(er)school class of Air Liquide, etc. But the sounds are of course detuned violin samples and the like and drum loops lock in rhythms out of a scholar's book or a madman's imagination, so it all goes a bit weird but never disquieting. Well, not never... But he's not called Sweet Reinhard for nothing.

Kron - 1998 Gold Und Liebe
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

Kron - 1998 Die Remixe
Info here.

Kron - 1999 Silikron
Info here. Track 6 is missing (scratched CD, sorry).

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grey calx said...

Happy new year to you too. Sorry, I'm several days late for responding. Thanks for spotting Terre Thaemlitz's Couture along with your recent posts including my requests. Much appreciated. Keep up the great work and best wishes for 2008.