No Sign Of Bad

Actually I didn't knew these guys until last year, when I first heard at a record shop the 'Chapter One' 12'' (with a Trentemoeller remix) where a serious Roots voice (that of Jah Bobby) describes the history of a certain carribean island over a heavy techno dub bass, and the whole thing hit home. A must, the original. Later I came upon this album (somewhere at, I think) and a Quango 12''.

And what's with these northern guys and dub? And why do they do it so well? Maybe it's just the weed is good and plenty, or that they live relaxed and good lives. Or it's just the crappy weather and the time they have to spent indoors (DJ T-1000 said that for Detroit and Finland, not me). Anyway. At least one of them has now moved to LA, I think, so the Dane character will soon fade, eh?

More or less it's a downtempo album, but don't mistake it for a 'chill out' one (even though a lot of said compilations include tracks of them). They combine the northern style in volume, crispiness and quality of production with the natural flow of the more roots oriented dub bands. They play instruments and use some good vocalists. Some times they sound almost reggae-ish, others they remind me of Rhythm & Sound and Pole (and that's a huge compliment). When they go for the beat they bring to mind other Danish guys like Trentemoeller or Martinez. And they can also go ragga. Quality.

This one went out in Panamericana (their label, obviously) but soon got re-released in Music For Dreams and later in Quango with different playlist (the dark dubs 'Darkness' and 'Ragga Foo' are replaced and the hidden track is missing). This is the Panam one, though the track order is a bit messed up (I noticed it only when I checked the Discogs page, sorry). It's a bit rare but at the same time the only one floating at times around the net. Here are also the tracks of Quango 12'', a massive bass mix by Def Jaguar (aka Djuma Soundsystem aka Ben Horn) and a more housey affair by Parov Stelar.

Djosos Krost - 2005, No Sign Of Bad
CD: Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.
Djosos Krost - 2006, No Sign Of Bad Remixes
12'': Here.
Info here.

And while we 're on the Northern Dub thing, for some mixes check this. Finn guy, not recently updated site but excellent dubs, electronics and disco. What more?

I don't really feel good to post something easy to find as this 12'' is, I just think that they are not as known as they should be and the Def Jaguar remix is really good. If you like it, buy the actual record (or keep striving towards the extinction of vinyl in a very few years).

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