Aer (Valid)

Uwe Zahn aka Arovane or Nedjev has been a personal favorite since the DIN days, when he was releasing early stuff with the likes of Dynamo/T++, Monolake and Pole.
Although a lot of people at the time classified him as an(other) Autechre imitator, his roots go way back, he's definitely more tranquil and anyway his mentality and the songs' feeling have more to do with the typical Berlin sound melancholy than with the british duo. After DIN he released mostly in City Centre Offices, one of a group of Berlin-based labels that combine IDM forms with pop aesthetics, like (almost sister label) Morr Music or the more experimental Lux Nigra. There he defined his style of dreamy electronics with attention to sonic details, yet without exaggerations.
He also released this one with Phonem, an Englishman I had noticed by his output in Morr Music, which I remember as a combination of broken dirty glitchy breakbeats and underwater-like strings. It went out in Vertical Form, an interesting UK label that focused on the more glitchy minimal experimental side of IDM.

Arovane_Phonem - 2001 Aer (Valid)
Info here.

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