Caipirinha Productions is a NYC based company which published several short and two very interesting long play video documentaries, 'Synthetic Pleasures' and 'Modulations', the second being an honest and well delivered attempt to define modern/electronic music. Caipirinha Music has released stuff from a variety of artists, either top American sound explorers (and techno freaks) like Terre Thaemlitz, DJ Spooky, Si Begg, T.Dupree - S.Ysatis- T.Inoue (the Instinct posse), Dietrich Schoenemann and the mighty Khan, or first class German experimentalists (and techno freaks) like Adel Dior of Autotune, Cem Oral aka Jammin' Unit of Air Liquide, Kerosene, etc., etc. Of course lots of others have a track or two in the numerous compilations the label released, better known of which are 'Synthetic Pleasures' Vol.1 & Vol.2.

Although at the beginning the output was mostly experimental techno and weird ambient and breaks, later on Caipirinha turned almost exclusively towards d'n'b and extreme US-flavored IDM releases (Datach'i, Panacea, DJ Spooky), and at the same time released thematic compilations. This is a weird techno compilation from the early years, focusing on the process of creating a track. Contains experimental beats by the likes of Friedmann, Mika Vainio, Si Begg alongside some pure and hard techno bangers from Steve Stoll, Surgeon, Freddie Fresh and Subhead. It may be difficult for the average listener, but it was a request (the rest will follow), it's rare, and Khan's deep house track is smooth enough to lure anybody.

VA - 1997 Process
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

I had the films on VHS, now long gone (taken...). Does anybody know where I can find a DVD (euro PAL, that is) copy?

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grey calx said...

Thanks for your response to my requests and for your efforts in trying to fulfill them. I'm looking forward to listening to this compilation. Cheers.