Solid State

Another one for the more listening-oriented ones out there (I try a lot to stay clear of the IDM tag, eh?).
Most of you must be familiar with Funckarma, or Quench. Back then I wasn't, just knew the name and had a good vibe from the DUB compilations which I kept in track with, although mysteriously I missed the 'Parts' CD. But not this one, and I'm happy about it.
In my mind there are obvious similarities between this album and Arovane's 'Tides' or other Berlin electronics artists (Lux Nigra, Morr, etc.), in a sense that they all draw from the 'Incunabula' and early '90s AFX trickery and feeling, yet they're more relaxed affairs concerning avant-guardisms. As if they laid back and tried to make out their way first, they explore new territories without rushing in. Almost indistinguishable from the 'normal' electronic sounds, a lot of natural instruments blend in the mix, while drum samples roll and groove without showing off. Similar ideas (not style of music) were developed by the excellent Murcof (and many others actually, I just like his work a lot) and Leaf label.
Still the chemical tease under the tongue is there, under all the vibes and pianos, so don't think it's sweet chill-out comfy crap electronica. In loud volume it gets wider, weirder, just better actually. After all DUB is a Clone sublabel, right?

Funckarma - 2001, Solid State
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here and here.

Actually, I think I'll post these compilations later on.

P.S. I still don't have the 'Parts' CD, anyone does?

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