Für Dich

You know my love for the Cologne scene. Well, here's the CD that established Kompakt in my mind as a fixation to love and cherish and Tobias Thomas (*) as a DJ to watch (eventually I had the chance to open for him during a beautiful night in Athens, but that's another story).

I had bought it without knowing anything about it or himself. I recognized only a few of the artists involved, I remember it was really expensive and I had no way of listening to it beforehand, but I took my chance - turned out to be a turning point for me, an epiphany and an example to look up to. From post-pop to hard club techno, from abstract synthetic tool tracks to jazzy vocal house, Tobias builds a rollercoaster of emotions, trippy ideas and bold proposals that stands the test of time, beyond hypes and cliches. For you.

Contains rare Gamat3000 original gem 'Feeling Love', Various Artists' Autechre remix (*), some early Kompakt classics ('Puma', 'Nachschub', etc.), subtle paean 'Check Your Buddah' from Ford/Melchior (*), Lali Puna's heavenly 'Superlotado', an uncredited intro, etc. etc. etc. And of course Vladislav Delay's monumental 'Huone', mixed so subtly that it took me a couple of years to understand how he did it.

It won't stay up for long, for the reasons stated here. Makes a good couple with this Mayer mix, yet this one is far more effective. And I hate cliches, but occasionally I have to use them: I cannot recommend it strong enough.

VA - 1999 Tobias Thomas _ Für Dich
Info here.

P.S. Link removed; you had your time. Go to any shop and buy it, it's worth 100%.


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jɔt said...

Hui, schaut gut aus. Dank dir dafür!

jɔt said...

Also ich habe mir den Mix gestern auf Arbeit angehört und da stecken wirklich ein paar interessante Perlen drin. Außerdem fand ich das 'uncredited intro' von Blumfeld ziemlich schön, auch wenn ich mit Bands wie dieser ansonsten nicht so viel anfangen kann.

Nightlight said...

Well... I don't understand German but I used babelfish (with the expectedly hilarious results) and more or less got what you wrote (I think). You're welcome either way.

Concerning the intro poem, I once persuaded a friend to translate it, sadly with no results whatsoever; so, it's still a mystery to me.

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