Fearsome Jewel

For fans of Pop Ambient compilations, this is one of the very few Andrew Thomas' records. Little info on him can be found around, most reliable is New Zealand's Involve site (check here).

In the Discogs review it's described as 'one of the best Kompakt releases so far'. I totally agree. A must-hear.

I guess you must have noticed I've never posted a Kompakt record before. I don't think they need the promotion - everybody knows their style - and sincerely I don't like to fuck with 'big' companies. So, this small ambient jewel will stay up only for a few days. The only reason I'm posting this is that I feel it's totally overlooked and it's a real shame.

Andrew Thomas - 2003 Fearsome Jewel
Info here.

P.S. 2010-02-01 Link removed, for the reasons explained above. One week was enough. If you liked it, go and buy it.

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