Club Blaou. Die Hits Der Clubs

A Blaou (*) compilation, showcasing their early music tastes and revealing much about the label's later profile and the styles it moved around: pure house anthems, weird post-pop hybrids and acid. Some must tracks in here, the weirdest being Jimi Tenor's 'Take Me Baby' remix and Grungerman's take on Andreas Dorau's 'Girls In Love', plus a Whirlpool vs. Mel Torme track. As for the housey tracks, they're all stars.

Each 'hit' is correlated with a specific club, one for each city. In track order:
1) Sweet Sundays, Hamburg
2) Dockland, Muenster
3) Millenium/Partysanen, Muenchen
4) Red Dog, Stuttgart
5) Rote Liebe, Essen
6) The Box, Frankfurt A.M.
7) Distillery, Leipzig
8) Aufswhung Ost, Kassel
9) WMF, Berlin

VA - 1997 Club Blaou. Die Hits Der Clubs
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