Assume Nothing

A mixed CD out through Musik, one of the few UK 'dance' mags I did read back then.

Assembled in ProTools, it was one of the mixes in the style made famous by Richie Hawtin and one year later by Scion (with Ableton Live); tracks are made of loops and edits of other tracks, in this case by Mute Records material. Lots of seminal tracks in there and more beat oriented than you'd expect from the tracklist - the mix jumps from UK house to progressive trance, from techno to acid, from synth pop to cut-up electro.
I consider it to be a solid showcase, even if I don't like all of the tracks myself. It's a pity it's under-rated, when other cut-ups (like the 2ManyDJs/Soulwax ones, for example) are worth gold.

VA - 2001 Mute: Assume Nothing
Info here.

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