The Other Day. Axis Compilation

To my great surprise I recently noticed that the copy I have of this Axis compilation is the european 16-track version, instead of the more common 13-track one. I was revisiting my Jeff Mills (*,*,*) records anyway, so I thought I'd drop it here for the unlucky ones to have missed it.

Covering what in my opinion has been Mills' most creative era (in terms of fertile experimentation alongside his already tested club-ruling mentality), it's one of those albums that each and every track has something unique; lots of epic paeans in here, with or without beats. And that 'Gamma Player' track...
It's needless to point out what an impact this man had on music overall. As for myself, I'll say no more than that: I might have been into the scene since the early '90s, throwing some raves with friends, playing some chill dubby stuff myself from time to time; yet I feel that if I hadn't seen Jeff Mills DJing live, I wouldn't play techno all these years.

Jeff Mills - 1997 The Other Day. Axis Compilation
Info here.


Outside The Box said...

hello mate

thx for sharing this great piece ;) you just made my day !!! cheers.

Dáire said...

Muchly appreciated.