Disko Bombs from the past.

An early era comp CD of tracks by several of the oldschool Munich scene, with the help of some special guests. Compiled by Hell (*), it gives a good account of early Disko B and related artists' releases, documenting the sound of the time - dirty noisy acid, speed techno and post-punk aesthetics combine with catastrophic results. Other local children of the night involved are Robert Görl of earlier D.A.F. fame and boy wonder Richard Bartz; we should possibly count Kotai (*,*) and DJ GoodGroove with them, even though they later made their name in Berlin and Frankfurt respectively.
Also represented are the Austria-based team of Pulsinger- Tukanan (here with Electric Indigo as Northstar), who played a big role in the development of this sound anyway; they're still active in it occasionally. And there's one of the rare early releases of Cologne's Riley Reinhold (of the Traum- Trapez- MBF empire), as Triple R here.
Finally, you'll find here the heavily played Dave Clarke remix on 'Hot On The Heels Of Love', Hell's take on the TG classic (*), as well as the otherworldly Jeff Mills rework on 'Allerseelen', a top track of the time.

Not for the weak.

VA - 1994 Supermarkt, a Disko B compilation
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

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