Waiting For Snow

Another album by Stockholm artist Peter Benisch (*,*). A Fax record from 1999, repressed through Ambient World in 2007 (that's the one I have).

More simplistic than 'Soundtrack Saga', it doesn't have the maturity of composition or the crispiness of production of the above mentioned epic; it's a darker affair, brooding on the edge of depression and claustrophobia. Its approach brings to mind other typical Fax concepts - all tracks feel like a part of a large session, analog lines morph around simple rhythmic elements. It also sounds a bit retro-primitive, I think it was intended to be this way though. But it's worth a try if you're into the Fax scene, certain tracks betray some quality elements to be further developed later on.

Peter Benisch - 1999 Waiting For Snow
Info here.

Btw, his first one seems impossible to find (and to buy...). If anyone has it, please let me know.

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