Tora Bora

I've mentioned TokTok several times before (*).
I consider them to be a true band, in the rock/pop sense of the term; meaning they're more than one person, they come out of their bedrooms and they're performing live. They seem to have a punk background, with their DIY sensibilities and the pure lust for raw energy in their music (P.S. I just read they were connected with the Spiral Tribe family). Subsequently, it seems more fittting to put them next to, say, Neue Deutche Welle bands instead of techno stars like Westbam (...) or Ellen Allien (whom they fully supported in the early days of BPitch Control), even though they coincide with the latter.

The cover should prepare you for what you're about to encounter. Containing some of the harder stuff that I've heard from TokTok, it draws equally from the rawest from Chicago and from Berlin's early techno sound. Drum machines, synths and samplers played live, producing seismic beats causing destruction, nonetheless always given with a sense of humor and playful manners. Techno, hardcore, acid and piano house thrown in the blender. Most of the tracks are funky yet bruising; but when they're deviating they really blow the roof off - check 'Bora Bora', 'Sixpack' or 'Urod' (using swing piano samples long before everyone I know).

I'd recommend it without a second thought to every techno fan with a rough ear and an open mind.

TokTok - 2002 Tora Bora
Info here.

Play the ZokFrog.

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