Another birthday

It's been two full years. I'd like to thank all of you for your continuing support and interest (which is the only reason I keep doing this, by the way). It's a good thing to know that some of you manage to find the time to pass by every day and care enough to leave a comment or something, even yet more to reply to other people's requests. An humane touch is something rare these days... aahh... (OK, next time I 'll just post a record and shut up).

This is one of the tracks that made me a DJ; that make me never want to stop.

Ian Pooley - Celtic Cross


Jessica said...


I've just discovered your blog in the course of having delved more intensely into the electronic throughout the past few weeks.

I still have to explore the greater amount of your offerings, but I'd nevertheless like to thank you for your efforts.

Happy birthday, tee-hee.

roowlant said...

Congratulations! I think I discovered your blog about a year ago and I think I've downloaded all your posts ;) I really like the type of music you post and I'm looking forward to the next two years haha.. well, keep the good releases coming! greetings from Holland

stephen said...

Thanks for your excellent music, your opinions and your attitude! Keep it up!

ModusMagus said...

the same for me! :) great track, just great!