The Blunted Boy wanders

I remembered the other day that people had asked for some NYC '90s techno some months ago. I'm still looking for my Synewave compilations, so I'll need some more time. Luckily though I found the following, which I decided to pack together. It's by Steve Stoll, the Blunted Boy himself, the man behind Proper NYC, a legend of NYC beats compared only to Frankie Bones and Mike Dearborn.

So, this guy from Brooklyn plays techno. Tough, muscular, hard and funky techno. He's giving us the occasional acid treatment or a housey vibe here and there; but a hip hop interlude or a jazzy pad cannot change the fact that this guy plays techno. I don't know what to say more to emphasize that these are techno records. Minimal techno records, actually- some drum loops with an edge, some dopey effects and analog synth lines held together by the sheer power of character and/or a druggy flirt with the other side of techno beat. It's not the hardest thing you've ever heard; no Panacea-like hardcorisms or DHR noise bangers, no. Just non-stop Detroit infected, adrenaline heavy hardfunk of the purest tradition.

The 'Model T' EP includes remixes by Aux 88 and Cari Lekebush.
I have some more Stoll stuff on vinyl, but ripping them is not an option yet. Still, I have my hopes for a second pack later on. Enjoy.

Steve Stoll - 1997 Damn Analog Technology
Info here.

Steve Stoll - 1998 The Blunted Boy Wonder
Info here.

Steve Stoll - 1998 Model T EP
Info here.

Steve Stoll presents The Blunted Boy Wonder - 2000 Innuendo
Info here.

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Nightlight said...

Just copying from the ShoutBox some links provided by fonzi (thanx man):

Pack 1:
contains the 'Pacemaker' LP, compilations 'Windows Of The World' and the new one 'Selected Stoll' plus mixes 'Document 2' and '...At The Wheels Of Steel'

Pack 2:
presenting his ambient albums in Fax

plus the DJ Mix Series Vol.3 here:

Nightlight said...

And a special gift from Roowlant.

'Pacemaker' 1995 CD here: