Although as a rule I'm not a big fan of UK's nu-style disco, I just can't praise enough artists like these or records like this one.

This is Chicken Lips' debut in Kingsize, back from year 2000 (from the same period and setup that gave us 'He Not In'); a disco-dub monster of fat beats, spaced-out effects and the heaviest bass this side of Kingston Town. Their obvious '70s disco influences mix with their undeniably massive (post UK breaks) skills production-wise; enhanced by hallucinogenic dub trickery, they provide maximum effect in butt shaking and dancefloor wrecking while maintaining their cool and doing their own thing.
In some way, I feel they are more than a commercially effective group that happened to be in the right place at the right time, despite (or because of...) their scarce output during these last years. Anyway, I surely am jealous of their production skills...

Chicken Lips - 2000 Echoman

Info here.

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