Electro Breakdance

Oh well... They've been playing in my headphones for some days now, so...

All late '70s-early '80s classics packed together in four CDs - a blend of hip hop, disco, electronic funk, in short what we were soon to call 'electro' (now it's just 'oldschool'). You'll possibly know most of them; if you don't, you have to listen to these. To tell the truth all sound a bit old, some even a bit kitsch, but don't be fooled; many are simply unsurpassed. For me it works as a snapshot of this era, a study in those 'primitive' (yet so effective) techniques and a recognition nod to its influence on dance music.

These are our roots, after all.

(And they make me feel like a twelve years old again...)

VA - Electro Breakdance 1 (2002)
The Real Old School Revival
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

VA - Electro Breakdance 2 (2002)
The Essential Old School Revival
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

Vol.2 CD 1 track #13 just wouldn't rip.

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