Where were you in 1500 BC ?

X-103 - 1993 Atlantis
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Thera, the island depicted on the cover, is better known as Santorini, famous destination for tourists and a place of impeccable beauty. Further back though it was known for its active volcano, that provided the greatest volcanic explosion of the ancient world circa 1500 BC. It raised a tsunami in the Mediterranean Sea, then contaminated the soil in a radius of hundreds of miles, while destroying cities and killing thousands. It was considered to be the last nail in the coffin of the magnificent (yet possibly already declining) Minoan civilization of nearby Crete.

Many people consider this culture to be the basis for the idealistic phantom one described in Plato's works (the only historical source mentioning the well known story of Atlantis). It was supposedly non-militant, based on trade and producing astonishing works of art, as well as the last cradle of matriarchy in the Mediterranean. Its destruction hastened the growth of the copper-based warrior cultures in the mainland of Greece that later lead to the so-called 'age of heroes' and the establishment of war as the typical cross-cultural transaction for the next thousands of years (I hope you don't think this is over). In all, it was a terrible destruction for mankind caused by powers 'divine' (outside of the human grasp, that is), expressed through the Eruption of Thera; the map in this cover is more than relevant.

X-103 are Jeff Mills and Robert Hood. This is the Tresor CD version. A seminal, groundbreaking work, blending deep techno and grinding hardcore with eerie atmospheres and minimalism.
Interesting parallels can be drawn between this release and the (just surfacing at that time) Drexciyan concept.

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Paxjorge said...

I'm sooo intrigued! Got to know and highly appreciate both Mills and Hood through your sublime blog.

I'll definitely give this one a good listen & thanks for the info (I'm a big fan of Greek philosophy and theatre - you're right about Plato being the only historical source - but didn't know this about Thera, cheers).