Diggler. Dirk Diggler.

These are the two out of the three albums that Andreas Mügge from Hessen, mostly known as D.Diggler, released in Raum...musik.

Post-rave mentality, techno beats, funky basses and acid lines clash on deep, sweet, fat and complex synth melodies; the overall sound balancing somewhere in the middle of deep techno and trance era 1992 with modern drum sounds and massive production. It's the closer you can get to the harder Cologne sound without actually coping it, it reminds me at times of Gabriel Ananda. Music for the mind and the body alike. If you know D.Diggler only from his recent reduced and rather dry releases in Resopal you'll possibly be shocked.

Btw, if anyone has the first album of the three (info), I'd be much obliged if you upped it, and I'm sure that everyone else would also be; I got stuck on D.Diggler the instant I heard 'Boogiemonster'.

D.Diggler - 2001 Atomic Dancefloor
Info here.

D.Diggler - 2002 Sounds Fiction
Info here.

FYI, Dirk Diggler is the name adopted by the central character in magnificent 'Boogie Nights' by Paul Thomas Anderson, played by Mark Wahlberg; a small epic that depicts the rise (and fall) of a male porn star in the late'70s and early '80s with (hidden) references on the life of the legendary 'Big' John Holmes and comments on the film porn industry in general. I guess Mr. Mügge wants to avoid legal prosecution, so he uses only the initial of 'Dirk'. An extra touch is that the letters spelling 'D.Diggler' in the covers have a neon-like glow.

Watch the clip here where the name's potential is described and you'll understand.

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