Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

How can you go wrong with unkle Tim?

Summaries of his life's story can be found in various sites (start here; then see Wiki); I won't try an account of his deeds. It's just that I've began reading 'Death Plan' and I wonder a lot about him. Though a lot of (very powerful) people discredited, slandered, humiliated, judged, even imprisoned him and forced him to exile, he stayed as optimistic and open minded as very few of the (seemingly luckier) rest of us have ever been. He lost everything, yet managed to find happiness in life, to stay true to his principles and, by the way, to help many many people around the world through his books, his lectures, his professional work; most of all his example.

This is a recording of him speaking over an early '70s psych background of weird echo effects, tablas and sitar and all. Some may find it anachronistic, others just plain hippy shit. In the right set of mind though it's beyond interesting. It's intense.

"Where are you? Did you get lost on the trip?
Did you get trapped in memory? Did you forget?

Dr.Timothy Leary -
1967 Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out OST
Info here.

Picked it up somewhere around, I've included the accompanying text. Credits to the unknown original poster(s).

This is from where PWOG took the 'Return To The Source' sample for 'Exit 23'.

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