Icelandic techno deepness, somewhere between BC and Studio1 with that extra northern ice-cold techno touch; heavy dubby minimalistic techno rhythms pave the way through the snow, as NordLead synths paint the sky in pale colours.

Its creator comes from Iceland, yet this is a Force Inc. record. Ozy was in the roster of the now extinct Thule label (with what might possibly be the most appropriate label name ever) of Exos and Thor. Due to the label's uncompromising approach, open-mindness (check the sublabels) and the sheer quality factor, Thule became an ideally underground channel where the past influences (the Detroit-Berlin axis once more) and new tendencies merged, to provide a sound that encompassed the spirit of '90s techno and pushed the underground elements forward. I guess it was the association with the Force Inc. front that made them famous, still their collective releases are many and diverse in style and mood (from house and listening music to hard bangers).

Recently Ozy made a comeback by playing the 'minimal' card. Still, I consider this album to have more personality than the new stuff; and it doesn't sound old at all, at all.

Ozy - 2002 Tokei
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