Anders Ilar's debut on Shitkatapult, a deep masterpiece blending ethereal ambient atmos with contemporary electronics, rumbling bass and tons of effects.

Occasionally dark and introvert, this one is more appropriate for relaxing, thinking, mind traveling in general, than for dancing or coming down. And rather unlike his 12"s of the time (see that great Hydro EP); only 'Make Believe' follows the mini dub techno norm. It's a low profile work, but it grows on you; I liked the stylistic switch, gave it some extra attention and was rewarded accordingly. I'd say that in here are the roots of his later tech-IDM-ish excursions through Merck/Narita, Level, etc.

A free album and some mixes/podcasts here.

Anders Ilar - 2003 Everdom
Info here.

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