More GAS

I managed to gather the old 12"s from Wolfgang Voigt as GAS, in MP3 form. I was checking Discogs' sales for them and got rather angry; I ended up thinking it'd be a good idea to get them together in a post for those of us who will never have the money to spare to get the vinyls. Also included is an earlier post (now deleted) of a WV contribution in a project soon to be posted in full.

If you already know GAS you know what to expect; if you don't, it's about time you learn. Out in Profan, Mille Plateaux and Raster-Noton respectively.

Similar posts here and here. Once more, a big thanx to the original uploaders.

GAS - 1995 Modern 12''
Info here.

GAS - 1999 Oktember 12"
Info here.

Wolfgang Voigt - 1999, 20 Minuten Gas Im November
(20' to 2000.November)

Info here.


stephen said...

thanks nightlight!

Marko said...

firstly, very nice blog! great material and posts.
i just downloaded oktember 12" but in it was just a 16 min track titled "oktember" and the two 10 min tracks off voigt's '20 minuten gas in november ep. is this a mistake?

Nightlight said...

No, they're the same tracks. Since 'Oktember' was released first, the R-N CD is the repress.
At least that's what I think, since I have both only on MP3s.

bzoooty said...

Hi, thanks for posting all this Gas. Any chance you could re-post the EPs? I'm especially interested in the Oktember 12".

My email is bzoooty[at]gmail if that helps.

Thanks again.

Ben J said...

Hi, I'd LOVE to hear the oktember/modern releases - any chance for a re-upload? the links here aren't working. thanks so much. i've done nothing but listen to this dude for the past few weeks, and am looking for anything i haven't heard.

Ben J said...

btw, my email is ; ) thanks!