Adventures In Techno Soul

From Russ Gabriel's label, here are the two compilations that along with the '[313] Soundtrack' should be enough to establish Ferox in our minds as a forward thinking label to respect and cherish. With tracks and remixes by the likes of Carl Craig, Derrick Carter, Bjørn Torske, Aubrey, Mark Broom, etc., etc., these are a must for all lovers of the '90s sound, be it techno, house or whatever.

The first one is in 192kbps, found around the net; the 2nd one is a typical 320kbps CD rip.

VA - 1996 Adventures In Techno Soul
Info here.

VA - 1998 Further Adventures In Techno Soul
Info here.

P.S. New 'Further' link added. I think it's OK this time; although I noticed that ripping took some extra time, so it's probably a typical damaged CD case. First posted 2010-10-24.

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Freegrot said...

Hey thank you for this great post. Russ Gabriel did some very good remixes on this compilation too. Check it out