Estelle Montenegro is Kenneth Graham's alias for Electrolux, this one being his debut there.

I only have a couple of his 12" and the Sunkiss album; besides that I know very little about him; some info on HisSpace. The keyword here is techhouse; repetitive arrangements of traditional house sounds and themes, deep dubby treatments and (as far as I can understand) mostly hardware made. Closer to the mid/late '80s sound than to the over-produced '90s typical house stuff. Also some chilled electronic stuff in here, being an Electrolux record; but over all it's an uptempo album.

Estelle Montenegro - 2000 Lakeside
Info here.


IngeTesdal said...

Thanks for sharing. Uploaded almost 10 years after the date it was released back in 2000, is there a celebration?

Nightlight said...

Hadn't noticed... Funny, eh?