Future Funk + Voltage Control

Some more web finds concerning Russ Gabriel (*). From General Production Recordings' sublabel Input Neuron Musique, these are the two LPs he released there in 1995; sadly in low bit format (160 and 192kbps respectively).

'Future Funk' is more tool-like and dancefloor oriented; the real treat here though is 'Voltage Control', a sublime mix of all progressive tendencies of the time: Detroit elements, IDM and electrofunk forge the style soon to be named techfunk and to become UK's primary underground techno export. A hidden classic.

This was a request - and at the same time a wonderful opportunity to revisit Russ Gabriel' masterpiece. Once again, credits to the Unknown Original Uploaders.

Russ Gabriel - 1995 Future Funk Vol.1
Info here.

Russ Gabriel - 1995 Voltage Control
Info here.


..._.._..._.... said...

many, many thanks for Voltage Control, definitely one of my favourite albums. hopefully i'll find the CD one day.....

Elhefe said...

hello, sorry links are down. re-up please, thanks
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