Mikael Stravoestrand presents himself here as Vita, a name I learned from this Force Inc. release.
Though later he became famous by his own name for his ultra-thin and clicky experiments and lately for good but typical minimal techno, here his influences are obviously Germany's minimal classics of the '90s (BC, Studio 1, Mille Plateaux, etc.). Expressed through a rather clinical perspective, digitally distorted loops and scarce crispy drums combine to present an accurate glimpse of the future to come for electronic dance music. Even though to my ears it sounds a bit sterile, it has its moments. Mostly I upped it here as a postcard of the tendencies of the time (which have now become reality).
Currently, the Vita project is revived with female vox by Erika Alexandersson, who actually adds a lot to his music with her tender voice (check here), taking a deep house/ jazzy turn while retaining his minimalistic touch. They already did a release in Kindisch.

Vita - 2001 Ena
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.


Anonymous said...

any chance of re-upping the first track, van_ish 1? Sounds like a nice track but it has some cd skipping in the beginning that doesnt sound intentional.

great blog, and a quick scan of this album, it seems like a good one.

Nightlight said...

Right, I'll re-post it in a couple of days, check back. Thanx for reporting

Nightlight said...

Hey, just checked it, track's ok, no skipping. Just the same old Clicks&Cuts. Or I'm mistaken from day one (year 2001).

These young people... the music they hear these days... pure noise... I remember when I was young...

Atlantis said...

ok, my bad. i thought it was a real glitch.