Sean Deason presents here his first album as Freq.
His productions are a bit rough and not so high-quality as those of others from Detroit, still he's one of the more multi-faceted artistic personalities, while keeping a relatively low profile. Musically this shows a lot as he easily flows from funky techno and Chicago loops to ambient and deep electronica, with also a real taste for drum'n'bass (I even remember somewhere a 12'' collaboration with CiM). One reason more to go for the albums as they're not just track compilations like the average tech LP. Unsurprisingly !K7 released him very early, while one year later this one came out in compilation-based Substance (of Distance). Soon I'll post some more Detroit stuff from there.
Since the early '90s Sean Deason owns Matrix Records , a label who has been recently rejuvenated by crucial Convextion and Arne Weinberg releases.

Freq - 1997 Heaven
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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