Disco Subversion

Few things I hate more than that commercial travesty of the late '90s called 'disco house', especially vocal stuff. But you know how the mind wanders... The other day while re-reading 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life' (which I heartily recommend to anyone), I started thinking about and then decided immediately to post these two impossible compilations showcasing the Force Inc. US material.

So, disco house it is. Actually, it's manic kinky ghetto house with tons of disco samples plus acid and deep touches, even fast garage tracks. Truly bastard stuff, coming from the crossover scene with one foot in Germany, the other in Chicago - but call it disco house for convention's sake. Starring here we'll find the usual FIM suspects in various guises: DJ Tonka, Ian Pooley (*), Alec Empire and Martin Damm; but the main attraction might be a number of Chicago's finest like Roy Davis Jr., Gene Farris and Glenn Underground (*), all digging deep into their roots to show us how it's done. Special mentions also go to Cologne's J├╝rgen Paape, here in his housey shoes. And to that masterpiece named 'Everybody Is Kissing Everyone' by The Bionaut. And don't miss Tonka's 'Old Skool' (it took me back for a while...). And...

Definitely party music, not built for your bedroom late night PC seances; just perfect for those times when you only want to let go, to forget the serious stuff, to loose yourself in childish self-abandonment. Beyond salvation, beyond hope.

Everybody get on the disco bus..

VA - 1996 Disco Subversion
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

VA - 1998 Disco Subversion Vol.II
Info here.


musicus said...

Hi Nightlight, if you're still looking for Desert Scores:

I have two versions of that one (my own rips), the original 1996 Ferox release: http://rapidshare.com/files/348392522/IOBDSFER.zip

and a promo CDr of the 2002 re-release on Keep Diggin': http://rapidshare.com/files/348396796/IOBDSKEEP.zip

As far as I know the only difference between the two is track 4.

Nightlight said...

Many thanx man. I had the old one, but I'll check them both.
I gave up searching yesterday when I remembered that some years ago I gave a batch of CDs to a 'friend' that never returned them...