The Great Gigolo Swindle

For Gigolo's 50th release anniversary, they issued a small book designed by Abuse Industries, accompanied by a mix by Carlos Souffront and narrated by Brendan M. Gillen of Ectomorph, radio-style ('...on WCBN FM'). 'Crush Collision' show includes full interview with the CEO of Gigolo (...) praising his label and its 50 year history (.?.?.), answering to listeners' phone calls, etc.

Besides (or despite) the voice-overs, expect nothing more than one of the best Gigolo-related mixes, totally in the spirit of the time and with respect to all aspects of the label's sound. As for the book, grab it where you find it, it's excellent work; but take very good care of it. Unfortunately it was very poorly constructed; it fell apart very soon after I bought it (and without much handling...) and the same thing happened to all other copies I've seen.

VA - The Great Gigolo Swindle mix (2000)
Info here.

The mix is split in four parts. For the track-list check the re-release here.

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musicus said...

Really enjoyed this mix, Nightlight, thank you! Kept my attention all the way through, not used to that... Allthough Arnie was a bit annoying at times, I even liked most of the voice-overs...

Gonna listen to Disco Volante next.