fax collaborations & remixes

I was reading some Ultra-red writings, while listening to some of their free stuff - both audio and text highly recommended (start with this one). And I remembered this album.

Tijuana's Static Discos are mostly known for their incredible Murcof releases. This one here though is a compilation of tracks by Ruben Alonso Tamayo aka Fax, another key label artist and owner of (now inactive) digi-label Cyan Recs.

Tracks are mostly remixes, by guys like Jonas Bering, Mike Shannon, Portable, Bern/Molair, Milimetrik and of course his the aforementioned compatriots; plus collaborations with Alex Ayuli (!!!), Karras and label-mates Pepito. Lots of spaced-out experiments, side by side with post-Cologne french and canadian mini techno; dubby melancholy and hi-tech trickery in a weird blend, moods shifting towards the isolated and surfacing back again. It's not an easy album over all, without being too abstract on the other hand.

It won't stay up for long; it's relatively new, the label's small and needs all the support we can give them; after all, they seem really cool guys. Listen to it, then go buy their stuff.

fax - 2005 Collaborations & Remixes
Info here.


Tomek said...

Many years ago FAX released really nice dubby EP under Interdisco Netlabel. Still awesome.


Nightlight said...

Cool, thanx. I had missed that one