Don't really know what came over me (...), but I was checking Hell's Beatport chart for Jan 2010 (link here, credits to the original uploader).

I was surprised to find in there the 'Funke mix' on Josh One's 'Contemplation' by Philly's finest King Britt; a track I first heard played in very early 2003 by another Gigolo (and an excellent DJ), the infamous Mick Wills. Happily shocked, I run to buy the 12" the very next day; and then included it in every set I played for the next four or five years. It's one of those tracks; deep, sensual and totally absorbing house. And works miracles with the ladies. Grab it where you find it, but take care: the file included in the link is heavily edited (from 10' long to less than 6'). The full length release can be heard here; and the downtempo original track here.

It felt so nice to see Hell coming back like that; since I didn't really like 'NY Muscle', his recent 2CD album was a relief and all the 12"s so far are right on the spot. Respect.

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