BCN dub

For the last four weeks or so, Pulshar's 'Brotherhood' is stuck in my mp3 player (and won't come out in the foreseeable future). I had heard a couple of their 12''s and formed a good impression, so when I found the album the other day I gave it a try. I don't think they're doing cutting edge avant-garde or something extremely new-sounding; they play BC-influenced electronic dub with smooth vocals and that's it, as far as I'm concerned. But they do it good, they're deep and smooth, know their sound and love what they do; and it takes a bit to notice the level of details and the work they've put on their tracks. The remixes included (by cv313, Sven Weissmann, etc.) are more club-oriented, not so original sounding though in my opinion. Personal favorites are 'Streets Calling Me', the Stranglers' 'Golden Brown' cover and of course the brooding 'Nospheratu'.

Digging a little on them I realized they're Pablo Bolivar aka Paper of Regular and Aphro Sainz on vocals - and also responsible for their amazing artwork (I'm guessing here, as I could find almost no info on him). PB on the other hand has many releases under different pseudonyms in many Spanish labels (Dpress/Phonobox, Galaktika, etc) and is well known for his deep minimal techno, slightly oldschoolish and less detached than the average 'minimal' release out there. In their collaboration as Pulshar they drop the beats and focus on deep bass, well-processed voices and cavernous effects, constructing songs without discarding technodub's minimalistic, repetitive nature. On top of all they've started the Avant Roots label for the more offbeat material; check their site for samples.

I recommend their work to everyone looking for something non-aggressive. Some DJ mixes can be found in their Soundcloud page, while Pablo Bolivar's homepage is a treasure island for downloaders; dozens of great sets, the Pulshar videos, lots of info. Support them, they're totally worth it.

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