I realize I haven't posted yet anything from Greece, so this is a first.

Fluxion is Konstantinos Soublis, owner of Vibrant Music and an extremely proud member of the Chain Reaction roster (who wouldn't be, right?) through which he released several 12"s and two albums (3CDs overall) of deep techno and Berlin dub of the Hardwax variety. And interesting ones, actually, for those who don't own them (*).
Later on he established Vibrant Music to release his projects mostly, though quickly came along some newcomers (Qebo, Naono, Pridon) as well as the rather famous in Greece Coti K. A change in his style became apparent, especially in his CD-formatted outputs (his 12"s and sporadic live sets are a bit more energetic), moving away from the nautical dub excursions of the BC camp to sound art/ sonic landscapes territory and sound-designed ambient.
Best suited for headphones, this album is more for the isolationist than the smoker.
Some more of Vibrant will be posted in the future, though by visiting their site here you can listen to most of their stuff.

Fluxion - 2001 Spaces
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

(*) And if you really don't own them, just stop reading and go buy them and have a great weekend.

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