Art Of Dance: Exhibits

Back from a relatively short but much needed summer break, I thought I'd kickstart this season with more Detroit goodies.

Art Of Dance is an early '90s label run by Kenny Larkin, a rather famous one of the 'Third Wave', also known as Dark Comedy, Yennek, Lark, Pod, etc. He had some early releases in Plus 8 and WARP so it's no wonder he quickly got big, especially in Europe. Through Art Of Dance he released only a few 12"s. This is the CD version of ART-2001 plus a few extras and was first out through Distance, then through its sub-label... Substance. Of course, most tracks are by Larkin, along with the Sean Deason (*) track 'The Shit' (which was re-vamped by 2003 through Matrix) and Stacey Pullen's self-explanatory 'Freeky Deeky' (as Kosmic Messenger). Soulful deepness and banging beats in a nice package, with love from Detroit.

Larkin is preparing a new album, while aspiring to work as a stand-up comedian in California where he now resides.

VA - 1996 Art Of Dance: Exhibits
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.


stephen said...

Now why haven't I found this marvellous blog earlier!

Nightlight said...

It's well hidden, ha ha. Thanx man