Time Trap Technik

Some more of The Advent. Just Cisco Ferreira, that is (earlier posts here and here).

This is the electro side of The Advent, mechanistic and jittery and spacey. First released on his own Kombination Research and then on Gigolo Records (half of the tracks were previously released in his KR 12"s), most tracks are typically loops in rather fast BPMs, without many changes and far from the average electro pop song structure, while others sound as if they were customized for Hell's label, with '80s feeling and arpeggios. The basic fierce energetic Advent feeling is always there, of course, so an old fan would hardly be disappointed (I know I wasn't). On the other hand, the whole project seems caught somewhere in the middle between Ferreira's desire to experiment with pure electro forms and his natural tendency to produce club tools. When it works it's great (see 'E-Tox', a masterpiece) but in my opinion his tracks are designed for and work better as breaks between his more 4/4 tech tracks. Still, for that special night when you'd like to listen to robots music, 'Time Trap Technik' delivers.

The Advent - 2000 Time Trap Technik
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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