More latin influenced weirdness by Uwe Schmidt (*,*), here posing as Moog player Lisa Carbon, through his own Rather Interesting label, with a few contributions, namely by Argenis Brito (*,*). Includes an instrumental cover of 'Space Oddity'.

Fusing together spaced electronics, funk and acid with his experiments in South America's rhythms, I think with the Lisa Carbon project he attempted a contemporary take on the whole early '70s movement that combined library music with pop, jazz and 'ethnic' rhythms. To my ears, it's similar to how David Perian & Alberto Baldan's 'Happy And Crazy Music' would sound if crossed with 'El Baile Aleman', though a bit more on the clicky side and showing off more its rhythm section.

Lisa Carbon - 2003 Standards
Info here.


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many thanks. i love the work of mr. schmitd

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