I always thought Patrick Dubois and Isoghi label were french; turned out they actually are Daniel Erbe and from Madrid respectively. Looking back at the time, sounds more like it; this combination of not-so-glossy production, arp electro elements and slightly house-tinted techno points more towards Spain's tendencies of the time than France, where parallels can be found mostly in the Grenoble scene (Kiko, Oxia, The Hacker, etc), almost always in a harder, more EBM-ish context.

Anyway, Isoghi's swan song is a rather listening oriented, retro sounding electro techno album, full of sweet synths and soft beats and melancholy; now than I listen to it again, sounds very similar to FPU's 'Traxxdata' (posted here). Personal favorites are 'Open Air' and the epic 'Isoghi' track, borrowing a sample from the Ghost In The Shell's spine-chilling theme (*,*); I remember playing it to death back then, in its Oxia-like 12'' clubby version.

Patrick Dubois - 2002 Today
Info here.

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