Pro Bono Publico

Another Vertical Form record (*), this one's a showcase compilation sold half-price, if I remember correctly.

Lots of abstract pop and post-rock goodies here, four great groups get three tracks each: Pan American (*), Hausmusik's ISO68, Corker/Conboy aka A.P.E. (I have that first album somewhere...) and Kim Hiorthøy of Smalltown Supersound. Serious, introvert and emotional music, organic and chilled - occasionally depressive, but that never hurt anyone, did it? (... It did, after all?)

Recommended for headphones.

VA - 2002 Pro Bono Publico
Info here.

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minimono said...

this is one of the most beautiful records i ever heard. i'm happy to see it here.

you really have good taste (also eclectic)

josué (from tijuana mx)