Birthday #3

It seems we've reached this blog's third birthday today. I know it might sound a bit cheesy, but I'd like to thank you all once more for dropping by at some time or another, for leaving a comment or a link, etc., etc.

For a change, I prepared something for the occasion, which is simply the next post. Felt right, since a) it's out of print, b) you get a CD for each year the blog goes on, and c) besides Basic Channel/ Chain Reaction and the Cologne guys, Tresor has been the most influential label on my taste in techno, as it was through them that I got in touch with the Detroit scene.

So... enjoy.


milola said...

I don't remember why i came here first but from this day i never had to regret it. The main reason is that you posted many times records i already owned and gave me another reason to listen to it again.
Your blog is the testimony of a music lover.
Congratulations for the good job and happy birthday.
Best regards,

JAM said...

i just found your blog a few months ago, really enjoy the stuff you post and the write ups. you have good tastes, and know your music. cheers.

musicus said...

Happy anniversary, Nightlight! Been with you for almost two years I believe, and you always post nice stuff.

I have too wide a music taste to keep up with everything I would like, be it buying or listening, so it's always great to have someone knowledgable and trustworthy like yourself to deliver some new/old recommendations...

Hope you keep it up!

Moggieboy said...

Manny happy returns, mister.

Cheers for the tunes!

kieran said...

happy 3rd nightlight,like the guy who commented above i have a lot of the stuff you post but its always a good reminder to go back and listen to some great older music. keep up the good work man, heres to another 3 years of this amazing blog.

Audiovisor said...

Happy Blogday!
Like many others just posted, I don't know when, why or from where I came here the first but theses dark red pages just got me a hit from the very first time...coming back here over'n'over was just evident. The comments and materials here are really apreciated.
Congratulations! I hope you keep it coming for a long time and that you're happy and proud on yourself!

Maybe "the light of the night" has got another sense for you when baby cries in the middle of the night but the original sense still seems to stand in your posts.

See you, Nightlight!

muffinass said...

I'll jump late on the happy blogday celebrations. (since i just came across it today).

i got here while looking for Jeff Mills' Metropolis, and after looking at the other posts, i realized the site needs to be bookmarked, scoured over, and relished for its musical education.

many thanks, and to many more years !