Flux Trax

A very handy compilation of late '80s and early '90s tracks I used to always carry with me wherever I played. No rare tracks in here; still it had proved to be so helpful that even though I eventually bought some of the original 12"s (for a lot of money, concerning their shape and condition...), a couple of years ago I tracked down and bought the 4LP version as well, just for the convenience of having so many classics in a pack.

VA - 1995 Flux Trax
CD1 - CD2

Info here.

There was a Vol. 2 released later I once encountered but passed by; sounded too trancey for me at the time.

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Moggieboy said...

Aye, I bought this for a fraction of the price of the numerous 12"s I had off it at the time, but was nice to get a refreshing un-overplayed-to-death vinyl version of 'em that hadn't seen too many parties. A great selection.

I never bothered with v2 either...