True Spirit

Three CDs are barely enough to cover the label's repertoire; consider it as an extensive 'best of..'. The track list is a fan's dream and accurately representative of the label's course through history. As for the booklet, it's more than informative if rather self-praising (yet we'd expect that); works as a much needed companion for those who haven't dug into the Tresor vaults yet. For the rest, most of the tracks you'll have or already know; there are some unreleased mixes and out of print stuff anyway.

I had to buy my copy used (it sold out quite fast, I guess) and only much later did I realized that there were things missing from inside (sticker, booklet, etc.). Bastards...

VA - 2001 Tresor Berlin. True Spirit
CD1 - CD2 - CD3 - booklet
Info here.

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