Eurobeat Club Classics

And for the post #400 another 3CD box, this time from british Kickin Records, bringing together the 'Eurobeat 2000 Club Classics' compilations. That is, just Vol. 1, 3 and 4 (don't ask me why Vol.2 was left out...). And this is open air music in my opinion, but anyway.

The hideous covers of the originals at first repelled me; and the title was totally misleading as far as I am concerned, as here in Greece we used the 'Eurobeat' tag for those cheesy, post Italo-house or eurotrance tracks that popped up in the commercial charts during the early and mid '90s. But no, this is a collection of hard acid anthems, techno, hardcore, and jacking house from all over the world; the sound that dominated many many dancefloors, warehouses and fields across Europe (hence the title, I guess) and that Kickin was apparently trying to summarize/introduce to british ears.

(see P.S.2010/04/26)

Once again, this is a compilation for those that were not 100% into this kind of 'club' music. Most of the hits are so obvious, some of the rest sound really dated (especially from CD1) and there are no rarities in here. But it works well as a reminder of those times and was really convenient for CDJing; so many classics to choose from, in a neat pack. I'll just point out the Dave Clarke's Red tracks, Mike Ink's 'Paroles', the Mike Dearborn classics and that timeless Heckmann 'Amphetamine' epic.

VA - 1994 Eurobeat 2000 Club Classics Vol.1
Info here.

VA - 1996 Eurobeat 2000 Club Classics Vol.3
Info here.

VA - 1997 Eurobeat 2000 Club Classics Vol.4
Info here.

Box info here.

P.S. 2010/04/27: Thanx to MB, here's Vol.2 as well.

VA - 1995 Eurobeat 2000 Club Classics Vol.2
Info here.

P.S. 2010/04/26: Forget (most of) the above. Thanks to shadow's comment and after some digging, I realized that Eurobeat 2000 was a club night run by Frankie D, hosted in various venues in London during the '90s. Also functioned as a short-lived label (check the Greenhaus track, #9 in Vol.3). Makes more sense that way; but I still think it's an unfortunate name.
Concerning active links, I found only a Facebook account and a site concerning his recent more-Goth-than-techno club activities through Flag Promotions. On the other hand, Eurobeat 2000 gets mentioned a lot in many artists' appearances lists.


shadow said...

eurobeat 2000 was a reasonably long running club night in London,

Nightlight said...

Well, that explains a lot. Thanx for the info

IngeTesdal said...

I vist this blog regulary for all the top material it promotes. So I was a little bit shocked to see Eurobeats posted, thinking naturally that it was some cheesy trance collection :-D The "Euro" tag is not really an accolade in music ;-) How did it become that way? I guess Scooter, Culture Beat, and 2 Unlimited has a lot to answer for...

Acidgreen (Official) said...